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In Loving Memory of my beloved husband, Darryl Edwards Bass

September 10, 1949- November 6, 1986

It was six months before Darryl's passing that he told me in one of our eyeball conversations,"Paula, you are stronger than you think!" After his passing, God would remind me of those 7 powerful and somewhat mysterious words in the stillness of my alone time with God. It was hearing those words that would feed my soul the strength I needed after my beloved husband's untimely death at the tender age of 37. I remembered reading in Darryl's Bible all the scriptures he had highlighted and underlined about how God had such a compassion towards the widow.

Sometimes in my frustration, I didn't just ask, I would scream to God and Darryl..."You knew? And you didn't share this with me?" I don't think I've ever heard a specific answer to that question, but always God would remind me of those 7 words Darryl spoke to me. God used those words to take me from being a "Widow to a Winner"!

My beloved Darryl

Darryl and Paula -Freshmen in college-1967

Our Family 1978

Me and my beloved 1980

Our Family 1985

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

Our 17th Wedding Anniversary

This song dedicated to my Darryl, the only love of my life!

"A Love Like This" Phil & Brenda Nicholas

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